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Lymo Expeditions Kilimanjaro is a committed Mount Kilimanjaro company with over 8 years of successful trekking hundred and thousand of alpine to the summit of Africa. Provided that the founder of the company has more than 18 years of trekking Kilimanjaro, he had join force with other successful Kilimanjaro guides to operate as a company.

While trekking Mount Kilimanjaro using any route you should principally been guided by Mount Kilimanjaro certified guide(s). It is the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Authority who train and certify these guides. In most cases these guides are the former Mount Kilimanjaro porters who had serve in Kilimanjaro note less than 4-5 years and thereafter attend the Kilimanjaro guide course. It is against the park regulation and dangerous to trek Kilimanjaro without a certified guide.

With all these experiences of Mount Kilimanjaro climbing  our professional guides can spot and tell very quickly such symptoms of altitude sickness and as well as monitoring your health. We are always updated with the new issue of health and better ways to assist clients to the roof of Africa. The company is also very concern with the rescue issues should it arise the circumstance. See our rescue procedure page for more updates.

Below is Lymo Expeditions Kilimanjaro team of professional Mount Kilimanjaro guides who will successfully trek you to the roof of Africa (5895 m). We are an old broom therefore we know all the corners and tricks.


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