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Kilimanjaro Meals Menu

You will be provided with fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner each day spent on the Mount Kilimanjaro. The food, specifically selected to help your climb, are good tasting, high carbohydrate (energy) foods that are easily digestible. Drinking water (boiled and cooled) is also provided throughout the day to keep you hydrated. There is no need for further treatment of water, but you can use chemical water treatment pills if you have a sensitive stomach. However the room is available for bringing something of your wish.

If you are a vegetarian please inform us while booking so we can be prepared as well as those with special diet should do so.

Breakfast: Fruit Juice, Fruit, Cereal / Porridge, Eggs bread / French-toast / Plain-toast / Pancakes, Sausages, Margarine, Jam / Honey, Tea / Coffee / Drinking chocolate.

Snacks: Peanuts / Crisps / Popcorn / Cookies.

Lunch: Sliced Carrot and Cucumber stripes, Avocado slices, Boiled egg, Vegetable / Meat cutlets, Sandwiches (Egg / Cheese / Tomato/ Tuna / Meat / Peanut butter), Fruit.

Dinner: Soup ( Mushroom /Asparagus / Chicken / Tomato / Vegetable), Bread, Salad, Rice / Pasta / Potatoes, Chicken / Meat, Mixed Vegetables ( Zucchini / Carrot / French -Beans / Cabbage), Lentils, Fruit Salad, Fruit with custard, Tea / Coffee / Milo / Drinking chocolate.


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