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Kilimanjaro Health Issues

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing climbers might encounter some challenges during climbing on health issues. On your arrival it is recommended that you have a day in Moshi or Arusha town for the acclimatization of weather as well as resting from jet lag before attempting Kilimanjaro. There are numerous health issues while climbing Kilimanjaro as listed below […]
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Kilimanjaro Meals Menu

You will be provided with fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner each day spent on the Mount Kilimanjaro. The food, specifically selected to help your climb, are good tasting, high carbohydrate (energy) foods that are easily digestible. Drinking water (boiled and cooled) is also provided throughout the day to keep you hydrated. There is no need […]
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Kilimanjaro FAQs

1: How difficult is it to climb Kilimanjaro?  Climbing Kilimanjaro requires no technical climbing experience and any moderately fit person can summit the mountain. However, one should not undermine this Mountain due to the fact that gradually change of weather and altitude makes most of the alpine to fall altitude sickness. For this reason mark […]
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Kilimanjaro Gears

Mountain Kilimanjaro climbing is a breathtaking activity  and should be clear that clothing well, slow pace as well as determination are the key to a successful climber. While climbing Kilimanjaro you have to observe the below gears facilities for your successful attempt. However it should be in mind that only Marangu route offers accommodation in […]
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Kilimanjaro Medication

Mount Kilimanjaro been the highest point in Africa and the second in the World after the range of mountain Himalayas which makes the eight thousands high of Mountain Everest, Kilimanjaro is also the highest free standing mountain in the World (no range of mountains to support rather it has a forty {40} kilometers long base). […]
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Weather Condition

Due to Tanzania’s proximity to the equator (between 1 and 11.45 degrees latitude south of the Equator and 29.20 and 40.35 degrees longitudes east), this region does not experience the extremes of winter and summer weather, but rather dry and wet seasons. The local Weather conditions on Kilimanjaro can be somewhat unpredictable to say the […]
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Trekking Preparation

It doesn’t matter if it is a picnic or a long journey preparation is a crucial step. Basically preparation container check how successfully will be your occasion. Travel to Africa Tanzania especially for the attempt of the Mount Kilimanjaro which stands at 5895 meters above the sea level or any Mountain it demands physical, mental […]
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Shira Route

The Shira route is one of the older Kilimanjaro routes and is very similar to the Lemosho route. The only differences between them are the trail walked on the first couple of days, and that the starting point of the Shira is higher. In fact, the Lemosho route can be considered the ‘new-and-improved version of […]
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Umbwe Route

The Umbwe route is one of the shortest routes to the Southern Glaciers and the Western Breach and it’s the most hardest and challenging route on Mount Kilimanjaro. The Umbwe Route is the trail for trekkers looking for a true climbing challenge. It is a quiet, seldom used path that can be very difficult, yet […]
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Rongai Route

The Rongai route on Mount Kilimanjaro is a seven-day camping route; it has the attraction of being a lower traffic and easier route compared to the southern slopes for climbing Kilimanjaro. It attracts about 10% of visitors to the mountain. The route is really a complete traverse, the only one to experience the arid northern […]
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