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General Information

How to Reach Tanzania

A flight to Kilimanjaro is relatively easy to reach Tanzania. The country has popular two international airports of Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro of which KLM, British and Kenya Airway lands. Due to the fact that body of Mount Kilimanjaro is split by the border between Tanzania and Kenya, it is only possible to access the mountain from Tanzania since all the safety routes are in Tanzania and the mountain belong to Tanzania part.

Although Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, the most common used route to reach Tanzania has being through the Nairobi International Airport due to mainly two reasons: – Kenya Airway has a contract with KLM that they fly from Amsterdam to Nairobi to bring all the clients for East Africa everyday and another reason but not much stronger is of clients wants to see both countries Tanzania and Kenya.

Travelers will fly directly into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, after which they will usually spend dinner and overnight at the hotel in town. Depending on schedule and clients wishes we will then either fly or travel by shuttle to Tanzania. The type of shuttle include Toyota Hiace or bus privately owned purposely for transfer clients from defined hotels and airport to the Tanzania border and later though the town of Arusha and then Moshi for dinner and overnight at the hotel. The entire journey from Nairobi to Moshi – Kilimanjaro takes around 8 hours with rest points at near Tanzania border and Arusha.

Arusha is situated in close proximity to the numerous wildlife parks, the most well known and beautiful of which being the Arusha National Park. Although some travellers elect to spend a night or two here, most continue on to the town of Moshi which is about an hour east of Arusha by bus and the starting point for most routes up the mountain. If Kilimanjaro isn’t shy then it is possible to view from different shapes as you drive to Moshi town this free standing Mountain.

General Information:

Location: East Africa, 3 degrees south of the Equator.

Population: Approximately 35 million people.

Time: + 3 GMT

Visa: All nationals from Commonwealth countries do not require visa except Canada, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa and United Kingdom. Other countries which Tanzania has signed Visa abolition agreement include Hong Kong, Macao, Rwanda and Romania (Nationals from these countries do not require visa to enter Tanzania). Vacation visa can be issued at the Entry points. An applicant qualifies to be issued with such visa his/her passport should be more than six month valid before its expiration date. For those countries which Tanzania has her representatives, visitors can obtain visa through those embassies and high commissioners.

When to Visit: The country is accessible throughout the year depending on you interest. The long rains are from March to May and the short rains are between October and December. The climate is tropical and there is no winter season here.

Health: For the visitors who want to attempt the high altitude we recommend them to see their doctors prior to travel. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is essential if arriving from yellow fever infected area. Always use bottled water for drinking and sterilize milk. Anti-malaria tablets are recommended before, during and few days after returning home.

Currency: Tanzania shilling is the sterling power denoted by (TSHS). There is no restriction of importation of the foreign currency which can be easily exchanged by local bureau de change. Please check the exchange before leave your country.

Insurance: We strongly advice our extreme tourist to obtain their own insurance to cover baggage, personal accident and medical expenses. On the other hand Moshi Leopard Hotel at its best will make sure no damages arise during your stay.

Language: We have more than 120 different tribes with equivalent and more vernaculars united by national language Kiswahili, leaving English the only official language though most tour guides fluently speaks other languages including, France, German, Spanish just a few to mention.

National Parks: Tanzania has perpetually been called East Africa’s Eden. She has 15 national parks with numerous wildlife, birdlife and uniquely landscape (Mountains, Ocean and Lakes).


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