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About us

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I’m  David Ayumwi Lyimo.  Born in 1981 in Mbahe, a rural village near Marangu, I grew up right on the foot of Kilimanjaro and near to the wonderful National Parks. At the age of 13, for a first time I visited a National Park, and two years later I started to trek. Since then I always knew that safaris and expeditions would by may way to contribute to my familiy’s livelihood. I was very fortunate, because already on my first trek, which I attended as a porter, I got invited by clients for a visit to the United States. 

Over the last two decades, I companied more than 50 safaris and was over 70 times on the top of Kilimanjaro. In 2012 I founded my own company, which I run with the attitude I learned to be right since my very early days: honesty and love to every detail.

At the same time I care for the development of my home region, the life quality of the people in the villages in and around Mbahe. That’s why together with friends we started the Longochi Water Supply project. It will supply 3400 people with clean water.

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